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The Grypmat material holds tools up to a seventy degree angle with no magnets. The high-friction material protects surfaces and tools alike.

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Whether you're working on a hot engine, a high-wing airplane, or on the interior of a marine vessel, The Grypmat provides a safe space for you to set your tools.

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The Grypmat can fold up and retain its original shape. Its flexibility allows it to contour to curved surfaces in hard to reach places.

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"We have found the large Grypmat to be an excellent tool caddy/platform when performing maintenance on helicopters. It helps prevent damage to painted fairings and cowlings."

-James M.

"It is terrifically designed and made. I particularly like the fact that parts don't slide around on it."

-Steve D.

"Awesome company to deal with. Grypmat is a must have for any serious maintenance professional."

-Austin S.

"The mats are super helpful working on top of the wings. My tools as well as the fasteners stayed in place, and I’m able to avoid any unwanted scratching in the bare aluminum. "

-Greg H.